321 North Clark New Year

Any reservations made after January 1, 2018, a setup and/or cleanup charge will be billed to your company for the use of the conference room(s) on the 24th floor. The charges are as follows:


$100.00                 Full Day                Multi-Purpose Conference Room

$50.00                   Half Day               Multi-Purpose Conference Room

$50.00                   Full Day                Small Conference Room

 $25.00                   Half Day               Small Conference Room


Reservations must conclude by 12:30 pm or begin at 1 pm to be considered a Half Day.  Any reservation(s) that overlap the timeframe (i.e., 11 am to 2 pm) will result in a Full Day charge, regardless of the number of hours reserved.


Space Heaters

We would like to remind all occupants at 321 North Clark it is against City of Chicago Fire Code as well as the Building Rules and Regulations  to have space heaters in high rise office buildings.  Please note that any space heaters found within Tenant’s premises will be removed and disposed immediately by building staff.

As always, a service request should be sent via the Property Portal that you can access here for temperature related issues (i.e. too cold or too hot) so that the building engineers may address any comfort issues. To report any after-hours heating requests, call the Office of the Building at 312/288-2900.

Thank you for your cooperation.