Large column-free floor plates average 26,000 square feet per level, creating extraordinary opportunities to accommodate every tenant’s need for contiguous space or private offices. Flexible suite space is available, offering efficiencies in infrastructure and space planning, in addition to stunning views.


321 North Clark, it’s all you expect of a world-class office tower. In this city of exceptional architecture, it’s a landmark. The riverside location is easy to access – during a daily commute or a quick taxi ride from the Loop. The building’s exceptional infrastructure optimizes operating efficiencies. All this in an area brimming with hotels, restaurants, galleries and shops that offer the best of city life to residents and visitors.


321 North Clark delivers what tenants need today – a business environment that helps build profitability. Efficient drop-off and pick-up points allow tenants and visitors to expeditiously maneuver in and out of the building. Executive parking is available, and the hotel’s valet parking serves tenants and guests. Within blocks, options abound for quick lunches, client dinners and fine hotels to serve out-of-town guests. These key efficiencies all add up to big savings.


321 North Clark was designed for the future, with infrastructure upgrades that anticipate the need for flexibility. Need fiber optic networks? Roof top antennae? 24/7 cooling and lots of it? Whatever your requirements are for power or advanced communications, this building is ready to meet them. Even the high-speed elevator system was designed for minimal wait and travel times – to keep your business on the go.


321 North Clark is the ultimate solution for firms looking to balance quality of life with business advantages. Consider the benefits of an on-site fitness center, river-edge walkway, various restaurants, hotels and shopping centers. Imagine the convenience of a 24/7 direct link to a world-class hotel. It’s something you’ll appreciate whenever the size or strategic value of a meeting or dinner makes success vital.